The opening chapter of your child’s story….

Ik ben gespecialiseerd in Newbornfotografie, Geboortefotografie en Zwangerschapsfotografie.

Mijn doel is het vertellen van een verhaal: jullie verhaal.

Ik geloof dat foto’s ons leven weerspiegelen, zodat we perspectieven zien die we normaal niet zien.

Dat laat ons de ongelooflijk mooie dagelijkse ervaring als ouders zien. 

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I believe in the value of photographs.

I know the pride, and the fierce, unconditional love you have for your family.

I know the days you can hold your babies in your hands are unfairly short.

I know the need to hold onto childhood for as long as possible.

I know the moments that have now passed in my life that I cherish, I know the things I miss,

I know the importance of being photographed with my children, for my children.

Your child is a masterpiece let’s create artwork to match

I believe in photographing like a parent, as opposed to photographing like a photographer.

I believe in creating from the heart, trusting my ability to see, my ability to connect. I believe in always searching for something more.

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